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There is a popular saying “All great things come in small packages”, and this holds true in the e-learning industry also. Today’s audiences demand targeted learning and are also focused to know specific things. And to satisfy their needs, it is important to redesign the lengthy online course so that it can effectively engage the learners.

Lengthy courses are not only designed for the learners, but also for the employees of the organizations and such courses can often make it very difficult for the learners to find the specific piece of content when they are stuck with a specific task at work. This may often be the case for training such as Sales and Product training, where one has to stay up to date with the latest knowledge for organizational success.

Here in this article, we will discuss a few reasons why it is time to shift from length e-learning courses to micro learning.

You can easily include rich multimedia formats in micro learning

When we talk about micro learning, we have varied solutions. The small modules in the training course material can easily be delivered in rich formats like the videos, PDFs, animations, e-books which provide a high impact, impressive and also engaging training experience. Micro-learning in these varied formats are designed specifically to meet certain learning objectives and they can be easily selected based on your learning objectives and also the environment in which the learner can find themselves comfortable.

Micro-learning modules are often mobile friendly:

Mobile has become an integral part of our daily lives and with each day passing by, the learners are accessing web based information using tablets and smartphones. Large courses cannot be easily accessed from a mobile device and since the screen size of the device makes the lengthy courses, cumbersome, lengthy and not easily readable, learners usually prefer to use small chunks of modules that deliver meaningful content. Micro-learning modules developed by using Moodle LMS delivers content in chunks which are called information nuggets and are about 3 to 5 minutes long. These modules contain less clutter and can be easily viewed on the mobile device. Optimizing such small modules gives the best results and also offers the learners complete freedom to read them according to their needs.

The “moment of need” support:

On an average, learners would often turn towards their smartphone at some time or the other to learn something or do something. And this happens on a continuous basis. Those who use their smartphone to do something often look for quick access to information that helps them to solve their problems. Micro learning modules can be easily used to offer them performance support to the learners at the moment of their need and also within their workflow. Moodle LMS helps to create such modules that are ideal to fill the short learning gaps.

Micro learning courses are easy to develop and update:

Micro learning modules are often shorter than the traditional course and the content can be created fast and this helps in reducing the development costs. To develop large modules, it often takes weeks, but when it is micro learning, specific information is provided and there is less content which is more specific and relevant. If any changes are to be made in the course modules, it is easy to update small chunks compared to updating a very big e-learning course.

It is by converting the lengthy e-learning course into small sized modules that you can facilitate effective learning and the best part is that micro-learning assets can be developed in a wide range of formats that includes infographics, videos, animations and more. This also offers the learners the flexibility that they need while learning on their preferred device at any time of the day.