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For those who do not know, Swift is a programming language developed by Apple for their tvOS, WatchOS, iOS and OSX. The language is multi-paradigm and compiled and can work with most of the Objective-C codes which are existing for Apple devices. Also, it is designed to work with the Cocoa Framework of Apple. The language was first seen 17 months ago and the first stable release was given on December 8, 2015, which is version 2.1.1 of Swift.

What does Swift do?

As per the reports of Website Development Company, Swift language was developed by Apple in order to simplify the codes used in Apple based OS. Being compatible with Objective C and C languages, the language can also be used beyond the Apple OS and iPhone app developers are getting quite attracted towards this platform in order to develop better apps.

Seven sources from where you can learn Swift Programming for free:

After talking to a Software Development Company, we have identified seven of the top resources that can be used for free in order to learn the basics of Swift language.

1. The Swift Programming Language: This is the official free resource book which is published as an ibook by Apple. This reference book has the basics with examples and is a great place to start your Swift learning experience.

2. The Swift Blog: This is another free source that will help you learn Swift. The blog covers all important features of Swift and you can ask all your queries here and it will be answered by the experts. Moreover, the articles already published on the blog are quite detailed and provide you step by step information on how to get started with Swift.

3. SoSoSwift: This is a collection of codes, tutorials, videos and walkthrough guides related to Swift. It aims to add all the sources of learning Swift at one place and you can learn a great deal from this place before you start making your first app using Swift programming language.

4. Hacking with Swift: This is a collection of free courses which are available online. Created by Paul Hudson, these projects will guide you through the basics and help you in creating iOS and OS X apps using Swift language.

5. Swift Cheat Sheet: It is a quick reference sheet that allows you to check the syntax of Swift. New programmers generally take a little time in digesting the new syntax and this is a great source to help them get over this issue and become experts.

6. Introduction to Swift: If you do not prefer eBooks and tutorials, you can refer to this official YouTube video series by Apple that talks about Swift and how it can be used. The video is a great way to get a head start on Swift and being made by Apple, it is the most authentic source you can find over the internet.

7. SwiftLang: Another wonderful place to dive into the world of Swift is SwiftLang. This resource is a tutorial cum forum that allows users to discuss everything about Swift. Newbies can get many tips and recommendations on this source.

So, if you’re an iPhone app developer who is looking to get in-depth with Swift, refer to any of these sources for free and get some much needed information about Swift and start making your own apps.