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Many a time development of software programs will fail because of non-integrated, non-committed and non-productive teams. Therefore, it is necessary for the organization to have plans ready to build good design teams before any disaster strikes. How can that be done? Read on for tips.

Back to the question: How is it possible to set up a good design team for creating a new software program? Here are a few tips.

1) How to select members of the team

Your organization should have all chalked out already what skill set you need for your team such as, coding, testing, storytelling, documentation and innovative ideas. Once you have them ready, gather people in your organization who have these skills and have shown great promise on recent past projects. If needed, also recruit new team members through thorough speculation and interviews. Their resumes should also be telling whether they are the people you are looking for.

2) Team members should complement each other

If somebody is good in documentation and some other person is good in coding, the two people can be paired up in a subgroup. This way you can divide up the entire team into subgroups. I believe working in subgroups, team members can be more productive and efficient. Later their work can be integrated, tested and reviewed.

3) Pair Programming

Pair programming is a popular concept in the development of software programs. One codes at the terminal of a computer. Another person looks on. Both have to be alert. The person who looks on has to be aware what the other one is coding line by line so that he can point out his mistakes or impart further ideas on innovation or optimization.

4) Team members should be committed and dedicated

Team members should come to the organization to work on the selected team on time and not leave before time is up. They have to be honest and sincere about what they are doing. If someone is not efficient, the team leader should be able to report to the right authorities. Without commitment and dedication of the team members, implementation of the software program in question is going to be difficult and very challenging.

5) Remember to select team members not only for what they know but also who they know

It is routine work to select team members based on their skills and knowledge. But it is also important that they know the VIPs and agents out there who they can contact and publicize the end product, bringing in more clients and hence, boost the revenue of the organization.

6) Remember to set goals and measure progress

The team leader who is assigned to the design team should be in the knowhow which team member has progressed how much in the project and set goals and deadlines for them for further work upfront so that the software program, as a whole, is designed by the correct timeline.

These are six good points that come to my mind for building a strong and productive team who will victoriously bring forth the design of a well-implemented software program.