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Mulesoft Training

MuleSoft Overview:

Mule is an event-based architecture, Actions within a Mule network are triggered by either event occurring in Mule or external systems. Mulesoft events always contain some sort of data, the payload. The payload is used or manipulated by components and a set of properties that are associated with the processing of the event. These properties are arbitrary can

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Message This: Social Media Is Toxic for Kids

According to Common Sense Media research, teens now spend an average of nine hours a day glued to their devices, with tweens not all that far behind at six. And that doesn’t account for tech’s use in our nation’s classrooms, nor all the computer-required assignments that follow our children home after school.

Billed as a learning tool, many teachers now

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Exciting New Features In Java 9

In September, Oracle released Java SE 9 with over 150 new features. The latest version of the widely used programming language comes with several new features and APIs to accelerate development of applications for both large and small devices. At the same time, the features provided by Java 9 help programmers to improve application’s performance, security, and maintainability. Hence, it

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Hi Tech Gadgets For Your Personal Use

With Hollywood blockbusters like Mr. Gadget drawing crowds from all over the world, a normal individual harbors the impression that gadgets are engineering wonders which are beyond the understanding of the common man. Hence, on hearing terms like hi tech gadgets and tech gadgets people often assume that they must be highly complicated devices which would require an immense amount