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With growing mobile app development, it may have become easy to develop a mobile app for iOS or Android but making it useful with respect to design is not less than a challenge. Therefore, you need a great design strategy to get your target audience attracted towards your app.

If you are planning the development of a mobile app for the very first time, hire a professional mobile app development company and discuss the following design tips with the team for better app-design and development.

Keep the app specific

The successful apps are those which do one thing very well. It means that you should develop an app depending upon a specific genre so that more users download and install it without getting confused about the functionality.

Install a back-button

Different operating systems have different approaches for the provision of back-button on apps. Normally, mobile users expect the back-button to be in the top-left corner of the screen and if you too want your app to be handy for your users, it is recommended to do the same.

Consider the keyboard

It is necessary to consider the appearance of screen once the on-screen keyboard is activated. The app is going to be failed if you fall short of providing enough on-screen context to the users when the on-screen keyboard is activated. Therefore, it is essential to consider the keyboard once you do your testing.

Keep placeholders efficiently

The use of placeholders would be relevant if your app has a few data input fields. By using placeholders, your app can look clean and uncluttered. On the other hand, the use of field-labels is recommended incase if the data input fields are more than a few.

Incorporate new features

It is very relevant to be choosy about features when it comes to professional mobile app development. In old days, app developers used to add as many features as possible but today, the overall concept of the incorporation of features is changed.

Today, marginal features must not be included in the app as they can make the app look cluttered and the app can become difficult to navigate. Therefore, the best way is to identify the real needs of the app and include the needed features only.


The user-interface is a critical factor when it comes to mobile app development and design-making of the app. Therefore it is extremely needed to put focus on the design of the app because a bad-designed app can cost you an investment and a good-designed app can become a success for you.