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The domain of web development covers a number of intrinsic aspects and it is crucial to stay well-informed before choosing a framework. While considering the various platforms, it is the ideal choice to choose an option which, not only meets the business requirements but, also has the potential to cover up the future long-term goals.

Noticeably, CakePHP comes with the potential of evolving the pseudo-functional patterns and thus, have brought a lot of utility for the developers, users and consumers. It offers integrated control over functionality of a web development structure and coherence with the advanced business processes, utility factors and market proponents.

Following here are some of the aspects, which signifies the fact that; CakePHP has a lot more to offer apart from the awesome logo and the cake on it.


It makes the task of developing web applications faster and simpler. With a set of conventions, stilt MVC architecture, code generation tools and application scaffolding, this platform makes the entire process easier. With extensive support for a series of database vendors like Microsoft SQL and MySQL, users can scale the task in a better way.


The framework hosts a series of security features like protection against the task of form tampering, cross site scripting attacks, cross site request forgery and SQL injection. It also offers a security utility that allows interpreted access to encryption and hashing algorithms.


Maintaining a well-maintained migration path for the developers is always a priority, which helps applications to stay updated. There is a series of clear outlines for the updates and features expected in between the versions and also an array of migration tools.


This platform comes with some of the most beneficial documentation which, covers full scope of the structure along with extensive API source. Moreover, there is a series of video and written tutorials available online. You can also log in and take part in the official training session.


CakePHP is an Open source platform and available for free under the MIT license that allows commercial usage. Moreover, the Cake Software Foundation, itself backs this project, which is the lawful entity that handles legal and payments, copyrights, developer certification, professional training and events across the world.


Since the platform’s launch, it is performing as a leading contestant in the space of PHP framework. Moreover, it remains as one of the top 5 beneficial PHP projects. With a huge mob of visitors and millions of page views across the powerful websites, this platform is about to hold its popularity and functionality in the upcoming years to come as well.

Thus, keeping these aspects in mind, we can comprehend the fact that; partnering with a CakePHP developer will help you to carry out the task of web development effectively.